Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thank you

To you who subscribed to or followed my blog this year, thank you.

To you who have stumbled across it while looking for something else, thank you.

To you who have commented here, emailed me, and been kind to me this year, a BIG thank you. I still read your blogs sometimes, but I'm back to being a lurker for the time being.

I've struggled with updating this blog since being pregnant with my fourth child (this gorgeous, surprise, and miracle of a child) and not just because of lack of time and competing priorities.

I've also had a crisis of sorts which has stopped me writing for pleasure, not only on this blog, but the other stuff I've always hoped to write as well. I've been struggling with the questions of:

What am I choosing to do with my time and why?

Why do I not do many of the things (good things, noble things, loving things) I would really like to do?

How am I to best express myself, my aspirations, my struggles, in line with my truest and deepest desires? Is it through writing, or simply living the best possible life I can, or both? If both, how do I manage that?

What's holding me back in life? What is drawing me forward?

I actually am grateful for this crisis. I reached mid-life this year so maybe that's what sparked it. Or maybe it's just that I'm in a very demanding season of life and I have to learn to roll with it.

But I'd like to think it means something fresh and new and wonderful is on the way. A new realisation, new appreciation, or new way of being in this amazing world of ours.

I wish you a blessed, forever fresh and new way of looking at things too, as we begin to travel a brand new year.

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