Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Muddling along

That's how I feel at the moment. It's ok. It's all we can really do sometimes isn't it? Muddle along and hope for the best?

I'm busy with the laundry, the cooking, some writing, the playdates and the story-reading and playing with small ones. No blogging and very little cleaning. Something had to drop off my to do list.

One day I will write about my recent silent retreat. Today I have a couple of links to share.

The latest edition of the lovely MAEVE Magazine is up. I have an article in it which shares a little part of my God-life story, and a little bit about my love of books.

I could have written a lot more. Maybe in another season.

I enjoyed a quick peek at this blog today, written by my most recent follower. She and her family seem a very cool, enormously talented and arty bunch. And funny. Very inspiring!

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