Why live first?

Ever since my chubby little hand could form words on a piece of paper I have got enormous, heart-widening pleasure out of expressing and creating realities out of writing.

But noisy, persistent, surprising Life kept getting in the way of the book I always wanted to write.

Some could say it was laziness. I say it was Life!

In particular, it sent me this guy who seemed convinced that we should be married. He turned out to be right about that.

Then came a few babies, and economic necessities, a business relating to writing and communication, and a lot more besides.

So I thought I'd better stop waving Life away, appreciate its charms, get stuck into it and write about it later.

Since then I've found that it's not just living more life which makes it worthwhile, but living more deeply, intentionally, mindfully, entering each moment and appreciating each moment for it is.

The fact is that we all have a book within us that wants to be told, or a story wanting to be observed. We're all narrators of our lives. So I'm trying to live a life worth writing about.

Live First, Write Later covers motherhood, work and life, and remaining inspired. Welcome.

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