Thursday, September 3, 2009


Picture: Noel Zia Lee
I realised I couldn't spring clean until I got rid of some of the stuff that was covering all the surfaces that have to be cleaned.

It's not too hard to declutter our house. Still, it took me three days.I started on Monday afternoon, going through the house looking for anything broken that I wasn't going to fix - broken crayons, pens, toys, earrings without partners, cheap costume jewellery. In 15 mins I had about 30 objects to throw out.

Then I started looking for things in good condition that we hadn't used for ages, or just didn't want. That took ages for me to get around to every wardrobe, cupboard, storage box, bookshelf, and under beds and sofas.
I was pretty ruthless.
I finished today after taking half a car load of stuff to the Salvation Army. And I've got a box of winter clothes for the garage and a box of baby stuff to keep at my mum's. Just in case :)

It makes me feel so good to have done this. It takes time, but I reckon if I didn't have the kids around I could have done it in a day.
My next step is to sort out our paperwork and all our money stuff. Next week's job.

And in the meantime I'm working on decluttering my mind as well - but that needs a whole blog post of its own (at least!).

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