Thursday, April 1, 2010

Beautiful Blogger and One Lovely Blog awards

I was so surprised and thrilled this morning to find that Kristy at Pampers and Pinot had given me two lovely awards, for Beautiful Blogger and One Lovely Blog. Thank you Kristy! How did you know I needed cheering up today? I'm enjoying reading your blog too.
Here they are:

To claim these awards, I have to share seven things about myself and pass on the awards to 15 other bloggers. Here goes:

I never watched Lost before, but I am absolutely glued to this final season

Love spring, hate winter. Hot chocolate is winter's only redeeming feature

I write a weekly newspaper column

My husband and I are presenters for the Engaged Encounter pre-marriage education course

While at uni I worked at Sydney Tower, it's a beautiful place to spend the day

My favourite poems are Tintern Abbey and Intimations of Immortality by Wordsworth, and Wreck of the Deutschland by Gerard Manly Hopkins

I learnt that if you really want something you just have to stop wishing and do what it takes to get it. (It's taken me 34 years to figure this out!)

Now, I award these lovely women and their blogs. I'm a lurker on some, a commenter on others.
Some are old favourites who I am continually inspired by or who or made me feel welcome in the blogging world, others I found more recently and I appreciate their perspective on things:

Jennifer at Conversion Diary
Kate at PickleBums
Rhonda at Down To Earth
Zoey at Good Goog
Christie at Childhood 101
Brenda at Mummy Time

Finally I wish you all a very happy Easter, Passover, festival of friends, family and chocolate, or whatever you celebrate this time of year!

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  1. Awww. Thanks for the shoutout, Marilyn.

    And yes, I agree "if you want something, stop the whining and just get it."=)

  2. Thanks Marilyn! How lovely! I can see I'm in very good company. I'm in the middle of planning an easter egg hunt for our celebrations. I hope you have a great holiday.

  3. I'd give you all a bigger award if I could!

  4. I love your seven things... especially the joy that comes from a mug of hot chocolate!

  5. Hi Marilyn,

    Nice to find your blog and some others through this list!

    Just wondering who runs "Engaged Encounter" My husband and I did something similar before we were married and we loved it (though we did ALMOST break our engagement afterwards - sorted now!) It is a great thing you are involved in.

  6. Hi Julie, Engaged Encounter is a volunteer organisation, originating in the States.

    Basically in Sydney it's run by people who did the course when they were engaged and thought it was so valuable they volunteered to help keep it going.

    We did our marriage preparation course in 2001 and I think our experience was a bit different to yours - we were even more excited about getting married! But it can also bring out in the open some sore points that need to worked on.

    I think the website is:


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