Sunday, July 4, 2010

One day I will blog - and twitter

Yep, one day I will manage to blog consistently. And twitter. I really hate it when I find a blog I like and then the person stops posting. Now I've been that person! Twice!

But my recent commenters - lovely, lovely commenters, you know who you are - have pulled me back in to at least add this note that I'm still around.

I still want to contribute to the amazing Australian women's blogging community, and I still want to share what I'm learning along the way as a freelance writer and editor with (nearly) four young kids and a very patient husband!

But not right now. Not even time to find a picture to go with this post.

Eight weeks to go in this pregnancy. All's well with the baby, although I've been sick and feeling crappy with one thing or another for the past two months (I guess you can't have everything!).

I'm trying to get my head and habits around keeping on top of things around the house, with the kids' schooling/activities, my work, finances etc. It's an exciting time actually, but it leaves no time at all for blogging, especially when I'm heading for bed by around 9pm each night.

How on earth do these other blogging mothers (whose blogs I only lurk around occasionally these days, instead of reading religiously) do it??

But one day I will blog. Maybe I will blog about these joyful, crazy, stressful, EXHAUSTING days. Life is really full-on and the baby isn't even here yet, so who knows exactly when that will be?

In the meantime a BIG thank you to everyone who continues to drop by. Mmwah! (that's a kiss!)

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  1. I don't watch TV anymore.=)

    Have a safe delivery, Marilyn.xx

  2. I have really cut my online time back lately and I don't spend nearly as much time as I use too.

    I have just started alternating between reading blogs and writing a blog post.

  3. Oh!!!! I have been wondering where you were.... I just really hope that you have a great and safe delivery.. Take ur time... we will be waiting here around the corner when you start blogging again....

  4. Just dropping by to say hi ...I am 'guilty' too. Life is so busy lately.
    I was wondering when you were due ?
    I don't watch TV either and hardly twit at all.
    For me I didn't ban myself but I found it liberating to break the guilt of not blogging or commenting.

  5. Take care of yourself and rest!

  6. I think resting up is WAY more important than fussing about us! We're not going anywhere....


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