Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Daddy Difference - how his way is good for the kids

Ever been frustrated by the differences in your parenting styles? I've written an article for a Father's Day edition of CathFamily e-news about involved fathering and some benefits of Dad's way of doing things.

Here's an excerpt:

A recent study (as reported in the Wall Street Journal) on the impact of involved fathering on children’s development found that fathers are more likely than mothers to engage in rough and tumble physical play, and more likely to tease their children.
They are most likely to startle them in play, by jumping out and surprising them for example.
All of this is thought to foster their children’s independence, self-confidence, and resilience.
For the whole article see here.

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  1. My husband is so the rough and tumble kind of Dad which my 8 yr old son loves and my 12 yr old daughter is growing out of, but they occasionally gang up and tackle him together. Just glad it's not me! They are way too rough.

  2. Very interesting , I ve found our 18 engages in this behavior more than my husband and the small boys love it.I'll read the article tomorrow thanks M.

  3. That must be lovely, to see the three boys rumbling!

  4. I'd find an eight and 12 year old intimidating Becci!


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