Friday, October 2, 2009

Young children and horror movie posters?


I'm thinking they don't, or at least shouldn't, mix.

I saw a poster for a remake of the horror movie The Last House on the Left last week. Normally that would have been no big deal. But I've been feeling a little more sensitive lately about my kids seeing images suggesting sex or violence.

The poster for the R rated movie which they had chosen to put up and the position they chose for it - well it really got me thinking about how much and what kinds of things I'm willing to put up with without voicing an objection.

I wanted to link to the image from here but I could only find tamer versions of it on the Net ie. without a bloodied female body in the foreground.

I wrote about it in my most recently published column.

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  1. totally agree with you Marilyn. Our children are being desensitized to the secular culture when we do nothing about posters out in the street.

  2. Therese, my friend today reminded me of the 'Cocaine' one - have you seen it? It's the name of a drink and it's been advertised on billboards and t-shirts. My mind boggles, how on earth do they get away with that?

  3. no I haven't seen it Marilyn. We were driving in Adelaide last week though and saw a sign advertising Viagra. I was sick when our 9 year old son asked us what it meant.

  4. Just checking that this 'anonymous' profile works as it should - Marilyn

  5. I think there should be advertising standards to prevent it.
    I wonder if there are avenues for compliants to the code of advertising.

  6. I had a similar incident with the want longer lasting... billboards and a four year old who was just starting to read... it's just wrong

    Advertising Standards Bureau
    97 Northbourne Ave Turner ACT
    tel: 6262 9822


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