Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sarah Murdoch's unairbrushed Women's Weekly cover

Just a quick note to say head over to Julie Parker's blog, Beautiful You by Julie, to see pictures from the current issue of Australian Women's Weekly and an intriguing story behind them.

The cover story on model and TV personality Sarah Murdoch includes the usual array of photos of her, and she looks lovely, but the pictures have not been airbrushed or re-touched in any way, at her insistence. She 37 and looks her age - which is a refreshing change.

Sarah has been involved in the National Body Image Advisory Group, hence her interest in appearing natural in the media.

It is a toe in the water for the editors, who are waiting to see if their readers can handle the sight of a wrinkle or two on a woman over 25 in the pages of their favourite magazine.

Julie reports that the editor made this reserved comment: "it's a very competitive industry and I'm at this stage just taking a little baby step and seeing how this goes for now."

I'll probably buy a copy just to show my support for the baby step.

PS. the above photo is of one of my short-fingered, wrinkly, fingernail-chewed, hands. I like them. I'm hoping that the concept of celebrating actual, real bodies in the media (ie. ones belonging to actual people), really takes off.

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  1. Hi Marilyn, please excuse the blatant seemingly self-promotion but Footprints mag for Aussie Christian women features REAL AUSSIE WOMEN on each cover - all ages, shapes, sizes, and nationalities. We are even having a cover comp in our next issue to look for an image of an Aussie woman who is living life abundantly (John 10:10) and who shines with the love of Jesus (Phil 2:15)!

    Like you, although I don't normally buy the Weekly, plan to purchase a copy to support this step. Have you read Mia Freedman's book "Mama Mia"? She's the former editor of Cosmo and talks a lot about the behind-the-scenes stuff of magazines. I've reviewed it in my blog at

    love Janet xxx

  2. Trying to break the blog barrier

  3. Thankyou Marilyn for helping me to at last get on your blog. Here is a quote from the Prophet which I think you will like . " In the dew of little things the soul finds its morning and is refreshed . "

  4. Janet, I haven't read Mia's book, but I'll check out your review.

    Mummates, I like that quote. I have a copy of The Prophet somewhere, but I don't remember reading it that line. I read it as a teenager/pre-marriage and kids woman then though - I guess I wouldn't have had a clue what it meant then!

  5. Marilyn, in 1875 Mary Mackillop said " We must take things quietly and just do what our good God enables us . " That is my wish for you Marilyn this Advent season when it is wonderful to find a little time to be "still' and prepare for and ponder on the Lord's coming.

  6. Thank you mummates. I think you may have read my latest Pitter Patter column...

    I think that's great advice from Mary MacKillop, I received some similar advice from a friend this week. I will certainly try and follow it this Advent!

  7. No, Marilyn, I had missed out on my C.W. that wek, but after reading your comment I found a friend ho still had the copy. So true your statement - At some point we just have to get out of God's way and let Him use what's at his disposal . " This ASdvent I will try to embrace the concept " Let go ! Let God ! " Peace.


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