Friday, September 17, 2010

Lavender oil spray giveaway

                                                                         Image by Aussiegal

"Beauty is truth; truth beauty. That is all you know and all you need to know." Keats' Ode to Beauty

I don't know if that quote tells the whole truth, but I do believe that part of my job as a parent is to facilitate experiences of beauty for my children, and part of that is making our home a beautiful place.

We don't have an easy house to work with - it's small, dark and draughty - but I find there is still a lot I can do to make sure each room has a calm and beautiful feel to it; keeping the blinds open for maximum sunlight, keeping the place reasonably clean and clutter free, nurturing a garden, using fresh flowers for their beauty and scent.

I remember reading in one of those Spotless/cleaning/home beautiful type books that you could use essential oils in beautifying your home by dabbing some on cotton balls and leaving them behind books on the bookshelves and in other nooks and crannies for a gorgeous subtle scent, replacing them every week.

I liked the idea, but I couldn't be bothered doing it myself.

Instead I have a little ritual of my own. After cleaning the house, when it is all neat and sparkly and dust-free I burn a stick of lavender incense for its lovely fragrance and sense of calm it gives me. Then I enjoy my lovely house for a few hours until everyone comes home again.

Recently I was sent some of Bosisto's Lavender Spray to try, and it basically does the same job as the incense. It uses pure essential oil, so it leaves a lovely lingering fragrance. Bosisto says the spray has other uses as well, including:
  • As an antiseptic
  • For insect bites
  • Deodouriser in the bathroom
  • For rubbish bins, nappy bins
  • For soothing and relaxing - spray in bedroom before sleep

It's meant to be good for helping babies to sleep, but this fourth baby of mine so far seems to be a really sleepy one, so I can't really vouch for that!

You can find Bosisto's Lavender Spray in the medicinal aisle in Coles, and in pharmacies. It retails for $12.95.

To give you an idea of how long it lasts I've had mine for a couple of weeks and find I only need a very short burst of spray per room, so it's long-lasting for me.

If you'd like to try it and you live in Australia I have five cans to give away.

Just drop me a line in the comments section to tell me your favourite way to add beauty to your day. I'll post a can to the first five Aussie commenters (who let me know they're from Aus) but I'd love to know any tips from OS readers too.

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  1. I love the scent of lavender, before I left the UK, one of my oldest friends made me a few handsewn bags with cut lavender from her garden in. They still live in my socks and jocks draw and although very faint, I can still smell their scent! I love the smell of fresh flowers but after I clean and open the windows, I light a french vanilla scented candle. It reminds me of my mum, I love the smell!

  2. That's lovely Sarah. My mum always gave me bags of lavender for my undies drawer! I'll be in touch to get your address and post you one of these cans to try.

  3. Aaah, lavender sachets in your drawers. Got some too! Can't go past fresh flowers to add some beauty to the house, after I've decluttered the benches/ tables so I can appreciate them.
    I'd love to give the spray a go in my bathroom.. I have a little boy whose aim there leaves a bit to be desired.. we have a bit of a public toilet aroma happening.. Ana

  4. I love Lavender! We're planning on planting a whole row of lavender in our front yard.

    To add beauty to our home, can't go past fresh flowers, burning essential oils and photos of my family.

  5. Ana that's partly why I'm not quite ready to toilet train my boy yet - nappies are easier!

    Tina, I have my favourite family photos on the two places I see the most - the fridge door and on the wall in the hall opposite the bathroom. (Sorry about the toilet theme here). I'll be in touch to post you both your prize.

  6. At home with 4 kids still very young, I'm very much at home with my kids' clutters of toys and hubby's work bag and papers but I really struggle to accapt the smelly socks and shoes and business shirts that lingers over the front hallway. I have no creative ideas or even the time to think what to do. Reading your blog about lavendar oil and your positive intentions for a beautiful home gives me hope. Thanks for the lavendar oil tip and your personal sharing about housekeeping.

  7. It's me with the 4 youngens again!OOps forgot to share my beauty tip! Well, I have an oil burner in the bathroom to help with the smell of 'misses' (from my little boy and big boy!). Then, to give the whole place a home sweet home smell...I bake cupcakes with my 3yo to share for afternoon tea with her siblings after school and also put the rice cooker on with jasmine rice for tea.


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