Monday, September 27, 2010

My kids want to be on Junior MasterChef

I've been busy, but still have some time to write a little. I had a Heckler column published in the Sydney Morning Herald recently, about MasterChef, reality TV and celebrity culture. Check it out here.

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  1. Oh Marilyn I am myself obsessed with MasterChef- the adult version though... and i agree that your kiddos have become quite a fan. it is appealing besides everything. I have developed a great inclination towards cooking :-D though i don't trouble my mother... i wonder how she would have reacted

  2. I think I was a bit harsh actually Ratz, I actually will still watch it and let the kids watch it. They love it so!

    I'd love to know what you like to cook.

  3. Oh please dont ask Marilyn... I learnt preparing pancakes last sunday.. shame hath its way of coming around.. but before that i prepared herbed rice and tat tasted well... anyways i have been trying out real simple dishes and though i am comfortable with cooking, i still need to perk up. my problem is that my ingredients stand out in their taste, their flavours dont blend together! Gosh!

    as for masterchef, i think i would have reacted just like you if i had my kids asking me for caviar breakfast and all! i understand but nonetheless i watch it. it is appealing and inspires me to keep moving forward with cooking.. let's pray for my family shall we! :-D


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