Tuesday, July 19, 2011

10 things my husband has taught me about chilling out

1. That occasionally it's ok if I'm home during the day to turn on the TV and watch whatever movie that happens to be on.

2. I can get a lie-in on a Saturday morning even if the children hop into bed with us. All I have to do is ask them what they would like a picture of on his or her back and doodle away with my finger. Very little effort required and it keeps them quiet and still for ages as they try to 'feel' the fairy castle or racing car I'm drawing for them.

3. That the floor doesn't need to be swept every day or washed every week if I feel too sick or tired to do it.

4. (Related to 3) The job the kids or husband does to sweep or clean the floor is good enough for now.

5. My friends and family will still love me if I don't have the perfect, well-thought-out present ready for them on their actual birthday.

6. That if a toddler wants nothing but a tin of tuna for dinner or rice cakes and jam, that is acceptable fare.

7. It's ok when hosting a dinner or barbeque to have other people bring most of the food if they want to.

8. I don't have to have everything I want and think I need, or do everything I want and think I need to do all right away.

9. Having a budget does not mean you can't enjoy little luxuries once in a while, or even more often if you think you need a pick-me-up. (For me that means outings, nice food, or books.)

10. A glass of wine most days is acceptable.

And a bonus one: That feeding, dressing, playing with and generally looking after the children, even if I get nothing on my to-do list done, is a valuable use of a day. (Actually, I haven't fully learnt that one yet, but I am trying.)

Gotta love that man. What do you do to give yourself a break once in a while, or every day, that you never used to do before?

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  1. Your husband has taught you some wonderful things Marilyn.

    I either sew or jump on computer for some me time.

  2. Some great things to learn and I do live by most of them. Great to meet you tonight and will be watching out for your next post (soon????).


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