Monday, July 11, 2011

Is anyone here?

I thought this blog was pretty much dead and buried, but surprise! Here I am again. I can't leave it alone. It's lovely to have somewhere I can just write what I please and have somebody read and drop me a line.

I have begun a new blog, Confidence and Love, because I'd like somewhere to ponder out loud about life, family, faith and spiritually, from a Catholic perspective.

The tagline is 'because nothing separates us from the love of God' which is a quote from the Bible from a letter of St Paul. And that's basically the theme I explore over there: how to feel loved by God, how to feel loveable and be loving, in every moment of every day.

I already write a regular column for The Catholic Weekly newspaper (Sydney's archdiocesan newspaper), but the posts on my blog are more varied and perhaps a little more in-depth because there's no word limit, than what I write about in the column.

I guess because I have a journalism background and am a freelance writer I have found it a bit galling to sit down and write something well-thought out, knowing that I'm not getting paid for it by the word or the hour. That's why this blog has stagnated a little (lot!).

But I've decided it's wonderful to be able to write what I want, when I want. That's why I will keep this blog going from time to time, to write about what we're doing in the garden and with the kids, how we're saving or making money, what I'm enjoying in books or on TV. Random snippets of my life.

At Confidence and Love I wear my very best thoughtful and holy hat :). I am happily committed to the teachings of the Catholic church, I love the saints and other amazing people who inspire and show me the way to follow Christ and I share the lessons I am learning from them.

I hope that if you or anyone you know might be interested in Confidence and Love I will see you over there.


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  1. Hello you gorgeous lady ; it's the first time in ages I checked my google reader.
    Guess who was first post to pop up after I marked all as read [1000 +] {insert guilty look}.
    If it hadn't been now I've have missed this post.
    I shall pop over and have a read of your God inspired posts soon.
    I'd love to read your thoughts as a christian myself.

  2. Thank you Trish, aren't I lucky then? I've been guilty of doing that myself. It's not as bad as unfollowing a whole bunch of people - felt a bit bad about that but my interests change like the wind sometimes!

  3. Hello Marilyn,

    So great to hear from you again here.

    Will add your other blog to my google reader but like Trish, I am regularly marking all read when I get too many to read.

    Oh and I had to reduce the people I was following too. I just had too many blogs to keep up with. When all my children have grown up and left home, I will have the time to follow many blogs.

  4. HI Marilyn. Hope you are doing good. Nice to read from you. And, yes we will be there at your other blog too.

  5. I've been working more on my novel, and so yes it is hard sometimes to balance the blog too. But, you are right, it is nice to be able to write about whatever you want! I need both.

  6. Kristy I'm impressed at anyone who makes time to write something like a novel. I agree it's probably very different to blog writing, they fill completely different needs.


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