Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy baby plants

I've filled a little planter with fertile soil and these varigated pansy seedlings, and tucked them in all snuggly and warm with sugar cane mulch, in the hope of getting a pretty pickable display of happy-faced flowers in spring.
It's a nice bonus that we get to see the odd one or two flowers during winter as the plants grow, but it's hard to stop my little girl from picking them! Just to the left of this one you can see the stalk of the flower that she's already removed.
I wish she'd leave them alone when there are so few of them but I don't like to growl at her for taking the flowers, especially when the reason I bought the plants was so that she could enjoy picking them.
If only she would at least keep them for a while instead of immediately scrunching them or ripping them up!

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