Thursday, February 18, 2010

Search for a 'smart house' family - last days to apply

I've had bit of a hiatus from blogging, as I've tried to tweak and readjust some of my priorities and the way I spend my time.

But I'm inspired to post news of a hugely exciting opportunity, an initiative of Energy Australia and Sydney Water.

They are looking for a family to live in their 'Smart Home' in Sydney. For free. For one year. As guinea pigs, basically, to give us all a glimpse into how the homes of the future will work for regular families.

The house is water and energy efficient, like others in the fairly new suburb of Newington, but it will also be completely fitted out with a host of energy and water efficient devices, a worm farm, and more. The use of an electric car comes with the package.

The family's resident writer is required to moniter their experience and write about it for the print and online media.

Given my interest in living simply and in a way sensitive to the environment, while also enjoying the good things life has to offer, I am going to apply!

Looking at the fine print it could involve quite a bit of work, but also a lot of fun and it's an opportunity to inspire many people to live more consciously, ethically, and sustainably.

The problem is that I only just found out about this, and applications close on Monday evening. So my husband and I have to get cracking!

If you're similarly inspired you must apply via Energy Australia's online tender process. See

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  1. Dear Marilyn, I have been checking the blog, but even though I missed you, I was happy to know you were enjoying some space especially after the busy festive season. Good luck with your application for the " Smart Hpuse ". My husband and I do our little bit with a solar panel, compost heap, worm farm and vegie garden. Your blog didn't mention it, but Pitter Patter did in the C.W. God bless your generous hearts and be with you every step of the way. Peace. Mummates


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