Thursday, February 25, 2010

Can we buy a house?

Maybe I should start a blog about how a couple with a few kids might be able to afford to buy a house in Sydney which is not a shoebox, is not falling down and is a reasonable distance from work.

Or maybe not, considering it would necessarily be a one-post blog, with a depressing post at that. Such as this recent article in the SMH about housing affordability.

On a more optimistic note, we managed to get our entry in on time for the 'search for a Smart House family'.
We are genuinely interested in trialling an energy and water efficient house, not simply getting a year rent-free (it would basically mean taking on a job promoting the technology anyway). But oh, it would certainly help.

In the meantime, I am very happy making pots of fried rice and drinking lemon cordial made with soda water and lots of lime slices; clearing out and organising the laundry; and going on 'mummy and daughter dates' separately with my girls.

I hope you've had a similarly lovely week.
(Sorry about the lopsided house, it's really hard to find a flat part of ground in the backyard!)

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  1. Hi Marilyn. It's crazy that in a big place like Australia housing is so expensive. The system is geared to keeping the price of houses going up, but it's unsustainable. I'm sure you and your family are living one day at a time, and I just know that something will fall into place for you. All will be well...


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