Monday, May 3, 2010

Freelance goals for May (and slacking off at the beach)

Well, April wasn't as productive for me work-wise, compared with March.

But we did manage a few days' family getaway to the beach, ended up spending a bit more than we expected to (as you do), and I didn't feel guilty at all. We enjoyed what was probably among the last of a run of gloriously warm and sunny autumn days before winter's chill sets in.

But today it was back to work and my unfinished list of jobs. I probably had unrealistic expectations about what I could achieve last month, working part time and with school holidays and a public holiday in the mix.

So, here's how April looked:

  • One article deadline before Easter. Done
  • List article ideas for newspaper series. Write the first two. Not Done
  • Join two online networking forums for freelancers. Done
  • Complete book proposal. Not Done
  • Create flyers for proofreading and editing and a list for distribution. Not Done
I can also add a couple of book reviews I wrote, which wasn't on my list, so all up my month wasn't a total disaster. Also, I had second thoughts about the flyers. I'd be better off getting my website up first.
So for May I plan to:

  • Write the first column for the new series
  • Write a book review
  • Write a pregnancy resource review
  • Get the website finalised
  • Draft book proposal
This is all in addition to my regular weekly newspaper column and any proofreading or editing work that arises.

My freelance business is ticking along nicely. Over the next three to four months I'll be putting in a few more hours a week than usual, so that I can take it a lot easier once the baby is here.

I want to fully appreciate those first precious weeks and months with my newborn. This flexibility is what I love about freelancing!

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