Thursday, May 6, 2010

Maternity clothes shopping in a hurry

This is me a month ago, five months pregnant, wearing a dress my mother-in-law gave me around Christmas time. Yeah, pregnancy has a way of creeping up on me from behind. Anyway, I've been getting away with wearing my regular clothes until this week.

On Monday, getting ready for the school run on a chilly autumn morning I realised I literally had nothing suitable to wear that fit me and was warm. I'd popped out so suddenly!

This is me this week, in my trying-to-make-do clothes. Please excuse the less-than-glamourous hair etc. this is for baby-illustrating purposes only! I'm happy that the baby's showing in the front now :)

For my other pregnancies I wore my usual clothes well into six months of pregancy. By then it was spring or summer and I could get away with a few sleeveless or short-sleeved maternity tops and a couple of elasticised skirts. I wore my jeans with the belly belts and that was it.

So on Monday I did something I can't remember doing before - I drove straight from school to the shops and bought almost a season's worth of clothes without a second thought. I've never bought so much clothing for myself at once before.

I think I might do it again, post-baby. It's a great way to get a co-ordinated lot of clothes, rather than my usual hit-and-miss, buy something on sale and hope it will go with what I have at home style.

So here's what I got. I went to Pumpkin Patch (they had a sale on) and Target, and it's all mix 'n match 'cause I didn't want to splurge on maternity clothes.

Two long-sleeved tops
A hoodie
A pair of cargo pants
A dress and matching cardigan
A skirt
Two scarves in different colours to help mix it up a bit

Total spent, $200. (Would love some new boots as well, but hey, can't have everything!)

I already had a black maternity skirt, my trusty belly belts for my jeans, a couple of pairs of trackies for around the house, and one long-sleeved top. I have a big jacket that I think I can still wear up to nine months, so I think I'm set now. Probably only need some leggings or tights to go with the skirts and dress when it's colder.

It felt so good to get a job like that out of the way in one hit. I'm not a big clothes shopping fan. Especially hate the fluorescent lighting in those change rooms. I'll have to post a picture of me in the new clothes soon.

So what do you think? Will it be enough? Have I forgotten something?

And what was the most you ever splurged on clothes for yourself in one trip or online?

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  1. Because I sew, I don't usually spend a lot on clothes but I do go overboard on fabric for clothes.

    I remember wanting a black skirt for Sam's confirmation and searching all the stores for one that was straight and finished mid calf. I found one and it was $60.00.

    I didn't really want to spend that much on a skirt but wanted it for the confirmation so I did. When I got home and said to Steve, it cost $60.00 he said, oh well you don't spend much on clothes since you make most of them.

    The skirt ended up lasting me a long time. I just gave it away to St. Vinnies because I have slimmed down a bit since having Joseph.

  2. You look beautiful in both the pictures my lovely lady......

  3. Mum2eight, if I could learn a new skill I'd find it hard to choose between playing the piano and sewing. Would love to make my own clothes.

    Ratz, you are very sweet!

  4. Wow, you look great!

    I sew too, but I'm not game enough to sew for myself, I just do it for the kids hehe :)

  5. Marilyn,

    Sewing maternity clothes is a good way to start sewing. I was sick of all the maternity ones that I had had with past pregnancies when I was pregnant with Amelia so sewed a heap of new outfits. That was how I got so interested in sewing.

    When you first start out though, it doesn't really save you a lot because you have to buy patterns and fabric but now I think it has started to pay off now for the children especially.

    I would love to learn piano too.

  6. oh what a cute belly! well, now I'm addicted, I love a good pregnancy journey. Happy FYB Friday and thanks for visiting my blog.

  7. I must have missed something....CONGRATULATIONS!! And I am sorry for my tardiness in saying so. You look great and good on you buying some clothes, it will make you feel so much better, especially as you get bigger. How exciting!

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