Friday, July 17, 2009

Almond, honey and walnut toasted museli

I finally found a breakfast cereal I want to eat, a lovely, toasty, nutty, cinnamony museli I've been smothering with yoghurt and a bit of honey, and it's one of the most expensive cereals in the supermarket.

I went through a couple of boxes of it in as many weeks, and I just couldn't justify the expense. Not for breakfast time, when toast and jam has been doing me just fine for so many years. So finally got around to making up my own, with a recipe from as a guide but using what I already had in my kitchen cupboards.

It's so easy, you couldn't call this cooking. And the smell of honey-toasted nuts and oats was very comforting.

It's strengthened my resolve to find more ways of being creative with our resources so we can enjoy the good things in life (and good food is right up there in my reckoning) without being wasteful.

Hannah, my three year old, mixed together the sultanas, coconut, cinnamon, chopped blanched almonds and walnuts. I drizzled honey over and we both dotted the whole lot with butter cubes.

Five minutes in the oven at 180 celsius and the honey and butter had melted and become frothy. I mixed in seven cups of wholegrain oats and popped it back into the oven.

After 25 mins of watching, and stirring it now and then with a wooden spoon, this is the result...

Something to look forward to tomorrow morning. It's supposed to keep in an airtight container for a couple of months, but I doubt it will last that long.

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  1. oh yum. That looks delicious. I love muesli too.

  2. Yeah, the best thing is how much better I feel for not just using caffeine and sugar to get me through til 11am!


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