Monday, July 13, 2009

My first fun run - the City to Surf 2009

Since having my first child more than five years ago, I have admired those mothers who seem to do amazing things as well as raising their families.

Fiona Wood is one of these. She is a mother of six, a world-renowned plastic surgeon, business woman and inventor of a special spray-on skin for burns victims.

I don't have Dr Wood's kind of talent, but I have been envious of her energy and ability to make her dreams come true.

I have nurtured dreams too, but when I had two children under two, then three children under five, I couldn't forsee a future in which I had time to write an email or grate a carrot, much less write a best-selling book or master choux pastry.

Things are getting easier though as the children get older and I no longer have a babe-in-arms. One beautifully sunny day I was taking a walk down by the bay near my house, being passed by young joggers with perky ponytails and older joggers with lean frames and leathery skin. And I recalled a long-forgotten dream. When I was much younger, a teenager, I wanted to run in the City2Surf.
The City2Surf is a famous Sydney fun run and the world's largest timed one. Every year in August, in a huge community event, around 70,000 people run or walk the 14kms from Hyde Park, in the city centre, to Bondi Beach.

I've never done it before, in fact I haven't been in any kind of fun run since my school days and I had to buy a pair of joggers because I didn't have any!

But now I'm registered and I've been training for a few weeks already.

I've elected to devote my run to raising money for Caritas Australia. Caritas is an international aid and development agency that does amazing work for the poorest of the poor long after their country's crises have left the news headlines. They focus on ethical and sustainable development all over the world.

Because I only just realised I could do this, I've only set a target of $500. That's $10 each from 50 people, or $20 from 25 right? If I can raise more than that, all the better. It's so much easier to get moving on these cold winter days when I know all my effort's going to a good cause!

Please visit the Caritas website and learn about their amazing work, donate to them directly or sponsor me in the Sun-Herald City2Surf by clicking on the widget in the side bar.

And wish me luck!

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  1. wow. Good luck. I certainly will sponsor you in this. I hate running but I do walk. I am thinking about walking 12.5 km in the city to bay in Adelaide in September.

  2. Thank you so much for sponsoring me Therese. You're my first sponsor! I've been plaugued by the flu lately so I may end up walking it myself. The Adelaide one sounds like fun as well.


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