Monday, September 12, 2011

What's worth blogging about, 9/11, dark and light

What am I doing with a blog?

Why do I feel an urge to write and, importantly, what am I to write about? What's worthwhile? What is the best use of my time here?

About a year or so ago I was directly challenged by these words I read in a book.

"If your words do not bring with them the light of Christ, then they increase the darkness."

Increase the darkness. Those words cut right to the depth of me. That is not what I want to do with my life or my words.

There is enough darkness in the world, no? I was thinking all this yesterday, the 11th of September, when so many are reminded of the light of love, and the black depths of darkness.

By not shedding light, compassion, love....By not highlighting the needs of others and doing something about I increasing the darkness a little?

By posting laundry powder reviews instead of writing about refugee children in my city, am I increasing the darkness?

By trying to make a few dollars out of my blog, instead of being content that we have money in the bank and a roof over our heads, and giving whatever we can to people who don't have those things - am I increasing the darkness?

Uncomfortable questions.

So I did nothing about them. I put them away, back on the shelf with the Mother Teresa book. I did want to write about God however, so I began another blog to put my God-thoughts there.

But I can't split myself into two. And I just don't have the time to run two blogs anyway.

So I'm going to bring that content over here. And write about other things that are important to me as well.

It won't be God-thoughts all the time (I will probably get around to that laundry powder review!) but if those posts bother people, they can unsubscribe or unfollow me. That's really ok.

But I hope you stay : )

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