Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Freelance writing goals - an update

It's been a long time since I posted my freelance writing goals. My business has been basically in maintence mode since I've had my gorgeous baby at home with me 24/7. I picked up one very valuable client during that time, who is also a friend.

But now is the time to start setting some further goals and particularly promoting my services as I'll have some week days child-free from January. I don't want to be caught out then with no work in the pipeline but still having to pay those day-care fees.

The last time I posted my freelance writing goals was four months before having my fourth baby. In retrospect I was much too optimistic about how much mental and physical energy I was going to need in order to write so many articles and start a book.

In fact my approach to goal-setting is very different now, which applies to the way I am going to run my business from now on. Now I'll only have one goal per month, over and above my regular freelance writing, proofreading and editing gigs.

This month my goal was simply to write a little most days, which I've done here on this blog. I'm hoping it's a habit I can keep up. Next month I'd like to focus more on promotion - adding a page here to highlight my writing and proofreading services, and generally letting people know that I'm open for business again.

I do also have an idea for a book, which I'm not going to rush into. I feel that if this particular book wants to be written, then it will be written. If not by me, then probably by someone else in a better place to do it. And that is ok.

I'm not going to rush anything any more; just take things one step at a time. Life is not a race to the finish line, I've decided.

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  1. Promoting your self sounds like a good plan. How many days will you have child free?

  2. I'll have two full days a week, plus I usually do a couple of hours in the evenings. I'm hoping to do a 20-hour work week at least. Less than that I'm actually finding stressful, little bits of work here and there without a structure and my little ones end up in front of the TV too much.


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