Friday, August 21, 2009

My dinner with L'Arche

I was invited to dinner at one of the L'Arche homes in Sydney last night.

L'Arche ('the ark' in French), is a vision of community where people live together in small groups and support each other in daily life.

They include people with developmental disabilities, people of vastly different ages, religious and cultural backgrounds, and people from all over the world.

One of the women I met last night, Jemma, said that she still finds it amazing how all the house members are so different from each other, but their life together still just 'works'.

From my time there just last night, I got a couple of ideas that I would like to use in my own home. For instance, just a small thing, they had the word 'peace' to welcome visitors at the front door. And I must get their quiche recipe...

L'Arche is present in various places around the world, and supports its homes through donations. It's an extraordinary movement, founded by Jean Vanier; a man whom many people claim to be a living saint.

I'll be writing a couple of articles about L'Arche and will post links when they are up.

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