Sunday, August 9, 2009

Running in the City to Surf wasn't so hard after all

Especially when you don't do an awful lot of running. We did a bit of jogging, before a sore knee (not mine), slowed us down.

The last time I was in a such a sea of people was last July, during World Youth Day. It is truly amazing to be part of a mass of humanity which stretches out in front of you and behind you as far as you can see in both directions.

And everyone was happy. Even the lady I saw carried off on a stretcher near the finish line was smiling.

We were among a sea of 70,000 people pouring through the streets of Kings Cross down to Vaucluse and Rose Bay, across to Maroubra and down to the gorgeous Bondi Beach.

It feels good to be able to cross something else of my list of things I wanted to achieve this year.

I didn't want to be encumbered with a camera. It turns out I could have brought it after all.

There were so many fantastic photo opportunities today. One picture I would have taken was of the piles of empty plastic cups that had been tossed down at the sides of the road at every drinks station.

I'd been under the impression that the drinks stations were places where people could refill their bottles, not contribute to tons of plastic unnecessarily going to landfill.

Anyway, there are some photos from the day up already on the Sydney Morning Herald's photo gallery. Enjoy, and get inspired for next year!

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  1. congratulations Marilyn.

    It is a great accomplishment to complete that run.

    Yesterday morning I heard on the radio that the run had started and thought of you straight away.

  2. I am inpired to do it next year 51 weeks to start training.

    Well done on completing it.

    I'll be taking my camera and refillable water bottle ;)


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