Thursday, August 6, 2009

My interview with Julie Goodwin, the first Australian MasterChef

I jumped at the chance to interview Julie Goodwin and her family for the Broken Bay News, an Australian Catholic diocesan newspaper and website.

Julie was the popular winner of MasterChef, which was the most successful reality show on Australian TV this year so far.

So I was more than interested in the chance to meet and speak with her. Better still, as we tried to find a time that was mutually convenient for us to meet, it seemed as though I might even land at her place at around dinner time.

But although that wasn't to be, I still enjoyed chatting with Julie and her husband Michael about what it was like to participate in the show, how they feel about the win, and about their Catholic faith and church-based community which sustains them.

Their young boys are very proud of their mum and are coming to grips with their sudden fame, but I found that there was a quote or two which I judged a bit too personal to include in the story.

Children just aren't as guarded as adults, they don't filter their answers as we do. They don't know how the media works. So I feel that in order to be fair sometimes it's appropriate to be a bit conservative, if the opportunity allows, when it comes to reporting what children say.

The other extreme is when you have to interview kids who will only speak in monosyllables, or say 'I don't know'.

Ah kids, what can you do?

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  1. how wonderful to meet her Marilyn. I really enjoyed the article you wrote.

  2. Yes how wonderful it would have been to meet Julie.
    She had a heart of gold from what I saw on MC.


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