Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Freelance goals for April

Last month I posted my freelance writing goals for March and I'm doing it again for April.

If you're also doing the solo-working-from-home thing you might like to put your own goals in the comments and we can support each other. Or post them up and let me know so I can have a look!

Posting my goals gave me a sense of accountability (even if only my husband read them) which is pretty vital in starting and growing a freelance business.

So this was March:
  • Meet three article deadlines (on top of my weekly newspaper column). Done.
  • Attend a networking event for freelancers, and follow up with any interesting potential contacts. Done. (In fact, I went to two events if you count the Sydney bloggers' meet)
  • Write a book proposal. That goal was a bit unrealistic. I've taken the first steps in researching what is already out there in my intended niche and thinking about where to find my readers - online and offline. This is info I need to have clear in my head and put in my proposal.
A lovely bonus was visiting one of my editors and over the course of our chat he invited me to think of ideas for a new series of articles he wants to run.

I'm pleased with how March went.  Now to April, which is a bit trickier since I have Easter, two weeks of school holidays and one weekend away to factor in. But I am confident of getting these done at least (again, this is on top of my weekly column):
  • One article deadline before Easter
  • List article ideas for newspaper series. Write the first two
  • Join two online networking forums for freelancers
  • Complete book proposal
  • Make up flyers for proofreading and editing and a list for distribution
Wow, that looks like more work than last month, and I've less time to do it in. Better get to it!

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  1. Good for you, Marilyn. Good luck and go get 'em tiger.=)

  2. Writing things down is so important. I find that even if I write something down and put the deadline as 'next week' it will stay next week forever ;o) But I do love my whiteboard. It's a brain replacement. What niche are you looking at for your book proposal, or is that top secret?

  3. Maybe I should get a whiteboard too, although my diary is doing an ok job I need a bit more space.

    Re. the book stuff, it's not top secret, but I'll email you!


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