Friday, March 26, 2010

Love at work at home

I wanted to write a fabulous post for anyone dropping by today, especially for FlogYoBlog Friday.

Had a few plans for today. Some work calls to make, some emails to reply to.

Also hoped to catch up with a friend at our local park for a picnic while the kids played on the new equipment.

Then I found out that my daughter tested positive for dust mite allergy, so I'm spending the day washing bedding and cleaning like a fiend instead.

(In between cooking eggs, making toast, heating soup, looking for chocolate, washing small hands of said chocolate, getting cold drinks etc. etc.)

Ah love, the things it makes you do.

Lucky the weather's in my favour today. Weekend's around the corner, have a good one.

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  1. And you DID write a fabulous post! (I love the vintage images by the way.)

  2. I have been madly washing bedlinen today as well! Not because of dustmites (although help me gods of cleaning I am sure we have them!!) but because I have special friends coming to stay next week and I want the spare room to look gorgeous! Oh dear about the diagnosis, is treatment just prevention?

  3. Thanks Lucy, I knew I liked you!!

    Sarah, here's a tip for good mental health I learned last night: DO NOT google dust mites.

    We've got an appointment with her paediatrician next week, so will find out more then. Enjoy your guests!

  4. Boy, you Sydney mummy bloggers have it going on! Love your blog.

  5. Happy FlogYoBlog Friday! Your post was fabulous. It's life- your life- and it can't always be glitz and glamor with good grammar!

  6. Thanks Draft Queen, off to check out your blog now.

  7. Gah! Dust Mites. Sophie's allergic to them too. And to prawns and eggs and grass. Fun times.; )

  8. Poor Sophie, and poor Mummy! Doesn't make life easier, does it. Actually, Hannah's results were only preliminary, and I suspect she might have a couple more allergies as well.

  9. I hear you loud and clear on this one!

  10. I hate dust mites too. I just came up with a post on my obsession with ironing the mattress and vacuuming it. I'm going ot have to do something about the pillows too. Colin


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