Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Modern Home

For some years I've been freelance writing for a terrific magazine called My Modern Home.

I love this gig, mainly because I get to see inside lots of fabulous Australian homes and, especially, get to speak with the people who live in them.

Some are celebrities, most aren't. Some hire interior designers, others have done months or years of searching and researching to find the things they want.

It always reminds me of the importance we place on the physical space we create for ourselves. Home is where we 'plant our body and soul' somebody said to me recently, which is really quite profound.

My family doesn't have the kinds of resources to spend on a house that the people featured in My Modern Home do. But my husband and I have made quite a nice little home for ourselves nevertheless.
It has our favourite things - lots of good books, comfy (well-worn) sofas, music, beautiful bed linen, and everything I need for my freelance writing business. And at mealtimes there is always good food and good company. Even when it is just the five of us here.

I'm always pleased by how a bit of decluttering and cleaning can make even our old, rented, house look and feel more beautiful. And thanks to the magazine, I have heaps of tips and ideas for when we buy our own house one day!

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  1. Hey Marilyn, it's Brenda aka Mummytime. I saw your YES to the Sydney Mummy Parenting Bloggers Meetup and wanted to say thanks for replying. So far, I have about 10 yeses plus you and me so YAY! Looking forward to meeting you on the 20th.=)

    ...and that line "Home is where we plant our body and soul." Love it!

    PS. Your blog is gorgeous. Love your header!


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