Monday, March 22, 2010

Sydney Bloggers Meet

I met up with four lovely women in a Newtown cafe on Saturday, who are also mothers with blogs. Thanks Fe, for the photos.

Brenda organised the meet up with sponsorship from Nuffnang (thanks Bren).
She is just like her Mummy Time blog! Very bright, funny and down-to-earth.

Sarah aka Mrs Superwhite.

Zoey (Good Goog), who like me has applied for the Smart Home Family project.
Right, it's on! (nah, good luck Zoey and if your family wins I'll help promote you)

We don't have a photo of our gorgeous blonde photographer, Fe, but her blog about her life is here.
So instead, here's a photo of some nibblies that went with the mojitos and the caipirinhas:

Oops, then there's me in need of a slight dress readjustment. I did smile - whenever the camera was not pointing at me!

We chatted about our lives, families, work, blogging, photography, our hopes and dreams.

With two photographers present - I've since found out it's three after seeing Zoey's beautiful blog - it's rekindled my interest in taking up photography.Thanks again Fe for all your advice.

I still feel like a complete beginner at this blogging thing, and I am still intrigued at how easily and naturally friendships can blossom through social media alone.

But then, why not? That's the power of the written word.

How many times when I was younger and I fell in love with a book that I wished I could be friends with the author? Now we can connect with our favourite authors, including bloggers, if we like. 

Another reason why it's a great time to be alive.

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  1. It was great meeting you, I didn't realise that you and Zoe had both applied for the smart home project, my husband and I considered it for a while too but never applied! I love what you have written about being able to meet some of our favourite authors, I hadn't thought about it like that but its so true.

  2. Wowness! And this is why you should be published. You are an amazing writer! Nice to meet you IRL, Marilyn.XO

    and ooh, thanks for driving me home. Sorry we got lost though. Heheh.

  3. Thanks for your comment Sarah.

    I found about Zoe's application when I went to look at her blog.

    Brenda, you flatterer! I love it, give me more!

    Actually I usually get lost, maybe I should have told you that before you got into my car, ha!

  4. Damn it - this is why I should still live in Sydney! Ah, the long lunches, the sound of the harbour, the joy of a social life...

    Oh, that's right. Didn't have kids then.

  5. I have a sneaking suspicion that the Smart Home Family thing will come down to general personality and photogenic-ness. So I'm not holding my breath. And yes I would be just an avid promoter if you got picked. @lgcollard (on twitter) who was also going to come to the meet up has applied. Surely one of us has to get it?!

    We should start a photography group on Flickr.


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